Grief & Guts

Each episode we abandon our comfort zones to get a little gutsy and hold space to grow into stronger versions of ourselves. In 2014, the birth of my daughter Leyden changed my entire world. Four months later, grief shattered it. I was broken, scared, lost, angry, and hopeless. I didn’t want to live and wasn’t really sure how to. I sought every means to “fight” grief: researching, joining parent groups, and I even traveled outside of the country twice, to hear world-renowned grief speaker Dr. Raymond Moody. Disappointed, I discovered like all adversities in life, there is no way to “beat” grief. But, thankfully, there were effective strategies I could employ when navigating such choppy waters. Whether it was understanding the gut-brain connection, or getting gutsy in my ability to face discomfort, the tools I learned, saved my life. There are not nearly enough resources to support each other through uncomfortable challenges – be it the loss of a job, a relationship, a sense of self… or life. Talking about uncomfortable things, well that takes guts. And we are going to get really gutsy here.